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How Much Does It Cost?


Our fees are competitive and determined by the cash flow facility you use.

You’ll see some general numbers below,  but  the important first step is to understand which facility best suits your needs and gives you the most financial gain.

Once you have that information you’ll know what your costs will be.

However, the important thing is that there be a clear benefit to your business from partnering with us.

So, two things go hand in hand – benefit and cost. 

No Brainer

For example, let’s say  you own a delivery business and need a new vehicle.  You can buy a sedan with a large boot for $25,000 or you can buy a van for $27,000. 

It’s a no brainer. 

You’ll spend the extra money and buy the van because it ‘s fit for purpose and although your lease repayments will be higher you’ll get a better ROI because you’ll be able to carry more packages.

The same applies to finance products. 

There is no one-size-fits-all.

A facility half a percent cheaper than another isn’t good for your business if it doesn’t provide the value and the financial gain you need.


Are These Benefits You Can Use?

  • Quick access to funds to stimulate growth and increase revenue
  • A stable and optimized cash flow
  • A tailored facility which grows with your sales
  • Access to cash to pay unexpected bills
  • Working capital to meet obligations to staff and suppliers
  • Cash to buy equipment and inventory so you can meet urgent orders
  • Being able to avoid self-defeating discounts to get debtors to pay
  • Never having to sell assets or equity in your business to raise funds
  • The ability to reduce bank debt.

Are These Features Worth Considering?

  • A competitive and transparent fee structure.
  • Access to unsecured funds where available
  • The comfort of credit insurance
  • Off balance sheet finance that does not interfere with existing borrowing arrangements
  • Straightforward and uncomplicated online access to funds
  • A willingness on our part to listen to your needs and create tailored solutions for your business.
  • Direct access to your account manager and decision maker
  • Authority in the relationship so you can turn us on or off depending on your needs.
  • Freedom to move on when you decide

Now you have considered some of the benefits and advantages of partnering with us here, as promised, is a general outline of costs.

To begin with, fees only apply to drawn funds, so you can have a facility which is approved and in place waiting for the right moment, which costs nothing to hold.

When funds are drawn the cost depends on the amount, the time our funds are out, the risk level in your industry and the type of facility –  receivables (invoice finance) or payables (supply chain finance and trade finance).

All of this will be known in advance of funding.  There’s an explanation of both below of how it works.


The Cost of Financing Your Receivables (invoice finance)

In this example,  you have a client who owes you $10,000, but payment is not due for a fortnight.

That puts a strain on your cash flow because you have an order which needs filling and no cash to buy stock.

The easiest solution is to sell the invoice to us.  We’ll give you cash now, so you can go about your business.   We get our money back when your customer pays.


In return for our funds you provide us with a discount on the invoice.

Let’s say 2.97%, so you will receive $9,703.00  We retain the $297.00 balance to cover our costs, our margin and the risk your customer won’t pay.


In most instances,  there are no other fees for this service.  There is no lock in contract and you won’t be required to provide real estate security.

Discounts start at 1.25% then a small daily rate which varies – depending on our risk assessment – to a maximum of 60 days.

You will know the daily rate before we fund an invoice and, if you know when payment will occur, you can easily determine the cost in advance.

You then decide whether to proceed or when it would be most advantageous to have the funds transferred to your account.

The Cost of Financing Your Payables (supply chain/trade finance)

In this example,  you have an important supplier demanding payment C.O.D. or in advance.

Unfortunately,  you don’t have the working capital right now to pay the supplier.

The good news is that you can have us make the payment.  You pay us back after your customer pays when you have cash in the bank.


This arrangement will attract a fee but it’s a good result if you have on-sold the goods and created income that you might not otherwise have earned .

In many instances, clients have reduced their fee to zero by offering the supplier early payment in exchange for a discount  which is greater than the fee.

That’s a win for everybody.

Daily Rate

Without knowing more about your business it is difficult to offer specific pricing, but it is based on a small transaction fee that can be as low as 1% of the payment and a daily rate. 

For example,  if repayment occurs within 30 days your cost is likely to be in the range of 2.5% and 4% of the supplier’s invoice.

If you can get a 5% discount for early payment from your supplier, you are ahead.  If your profit margin froms the on-sale is 15% or more you are still ahead.

Like invoice finance, you’ll know how much before money any changes hands and be able  to decide whether the facility works for you.


Why It’s Misleading To Annualize The Discount Rate

Let’s say you sold us a $25,000 invoice and the debtor paid 30 days later. 

The discount on the invoice could be between 3% and  3.97%.

Now, it’s not uncommon for someone to take that latter figure and multiply it by twelve to proclaim that our interest rate is a very expensive 48% p.a..

It looks plausible, but the reality is different.

An interest rate of 48% p.a. could only apply  if we had lent you the money for 12 months at 3.97% a month.

We didn’t do that.  We bought your sales invoice – that was payable in 30 days – at a discount which represents our markup.

If your markup is 20%, it might be argued by some that you are making 240% a year.  Wisely, most people don’t think like that.

The real point is whether the outcome represents value for money.

If having access to our funds enables you to grow your business and increase revenue to a level greater than the cost of the funds then the transaction is worthwhile.

We are always happy to help you optimize your cash flow to achieve this outcome.

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