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How To Successfully Apply For A Cash Flow Facility

Our application process is nowhere near as complicated as applying for bank finance.

  • We try and keep it as simple as possible.
  • We are flexible and like to work quickly.
  • The bottom line is transparency.
  • We want to understand as much as possible about you and your company – what difficulties you face and what solutions you require.

So, let’s take it step by step.

Your Personal Information

We have a short application form that helps us gather some personal information about you.

The sort of thing we need to to know is where you live, the location of your work place  and your contact details.

You should provide two forms of identification.

You should also complete our Statement of Financial Position.

We’ll protect your privacy.

We won’t sell your details or spam you with unwanted material.

With your agreement, we will conduct a credit check.

Poor credit history won’t necessarily rule you out.

We understand that the occasional credit blemish happens to the best of us.

Your Company

You should send us the following documents.

  • Interim financial statements supplied by your accountant
  • Most recent  Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Report
  • BAS statements for the last 3 quarters
  • Most recent tax office running balance – your accountant will have access to this, if you do not.
  • Current bank balance and transactions for the preceding 90 days.
  • Up to date aged debtors listing
  • Up to date aged creditors listing
  • Where a Trust is involved, a copy of the Trust Deed

For Invoice Finance

We need to be satisfied that your customer has received the services or products described in your invoice and is willing to pay the full amount which is owed.

You will need to provide us with the following documents.

  • A copy of the  invoice – with the amount, the debtor, the payment dates all clearly and correctly identified.  We won’t accept an invoice which is overdue.
  • Proof of delivery – this may include signed dockets, emails, payment schedules or anything that shows that your customer has received the product or service
  • Terms and conditions of sale  – we’ll want to see if there are any conditions which could reduce the final amount paid by your customer.

Interim Approval

Receipt of the above information and the completion of credit checks  is enough for us to provide an interim approval.

If credit insurance, personal guarantee insurance or a performance bond is involved it may take a little longer.

However, generally, once we have all the documents we can reach a decision within hours and let you know.

Final Approval

Depending on the facility you require, we need to learn about the company on the other end of the transaction – your debtor (invoice finance) or supplier (supply chain finance and trade finance).

We need to establish that a relationship exists and that the transactions outlined in the invoices are legitimate.

In the case of invoice finance, we ask the debtor to confirm that payment will be made.

When paying your suppliers we need to know that you have received the goods or they have been ordered and are on the way to you.


Once  the information above has been gathered we can provide funds.

However, we are flexible enough to understand that not every business will fit neatly into our box and being outside the box won’t necessarily rule you out.

For example, we will deal with start ups and credit issues are OK in some circumstances.

The important thing is to talk to us and we’ll do our best to find a solution that’ll make you happy.

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