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China Import Finance – A Better Way To Do Business

The most recent addition to our portfolio of working capital solutions is  China Import Finance.

Buying goods in that part of the world has suddenly become so much easier and straightforward.

The facility allows you to also import goods from Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Our partner, Fifo Capital has developed a product that strips away the  long, complex and sometimes painful experience of buying goods in Asia.

Minimum funding is $100.000 to a maximum of $10 million.  You pay only for funds drawn and overseas deliveries are permitted.

Director guarantees are not required.

The facility will not fund deposits, however they can be accommodated through our Trade Finance.

It removes the need for letters of credit and other confusing processes and promises you fast approvals, minimal set up time and flexible implementation.

It’s so good you’ll wonder why no one has done this before.



Image of Beijing Palace For A Story About Finance To Import From China


A Perfect Solution





China Import Finance

For clients importing goods from China, Hong Kong or Vietnam. We arrange to pay your supplier, you have 4 months to pay us back.

- Fom $100k - $10 million

- Unsecured
- Backed by credit insurance
- 14 day approvals
- Low doc application
- No company charges
- No Director guarantees
- Overseas deliveries
- Pay only for funds drawn
- Can be combined with Trade Finance to cover deposits

- Client must be Aus. domiciled
- 12+ months trading
- U.S. dollar payments
- Tax up to date or payment plan
- Clean credit
- Monthly payments
- Good balance sheet
- Profitable or improving
- Non-cancellable order or ability to service debt.


Success Story – Building Supplies, $1.2 Million Facility

The Challenge

Our client operates a building supply company with customers from around the Asia Pacific region.

With orders growing and working capital in short supply the company urgently needed funds to import more materials and meet demand.

The Solution

A China Trade facility was put in place within two weeks providing the client with access to $1.2 million 

Because no security was taken the facilsity had no impac on the client’s other finance arrangements.

The Result

At time of writing, the client had imported eight shipments worth more than $1 million each and has applied to increase its limit to keep up with demand.

The facility has made direct delivery directly to work sites very easy.

At no time has the client had to put its own capital at risk.

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