Welcome To Single Invoice Finance – The Home Of Cash Flow and Working Capital Solutions For Business

We’re Steve Blaby and Paul Ransley the owners of singleinvoicefinance.com.au – a business set up over a decade ago to provide cash flow and working capital solutions to Australian businesses.

At that time, we detected a significant number of business being under-served by traditional cash flow funders.

The big banks and the independent companies had their sights set on serving only large enterprises.

Small and medium-sized firms, equally deserving of access to growth funds,  were left out in the cold.

It was a problem we knew we could solve.

First Step – Single Invoice Finance

Through our ownership of Fifo Capital franchises we were among the first in Australia to offer single invoice financing to small business.

Our goal was to make it as easy as possible for SME owners to access funds.

Unlike the big operators,  we did not want to take control of a client’s full debtors ledger.

We didn’t force clients to sign long-term contracts.

Neither did we impose restrictive debtor concentration issues on them  (sorry about the jargon).

It was a big deal at the time and many in the invoice factoring industry predicted we would fail.

We didn’t.  We’re still here and going strong.

Our Secret

If there is a secret to our longevity and success it is simply that we love what we do.  We are both business owners who are deeply passionate about helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

We view our role as a partnership and a commitment.

Over time, we have met some fantastic and courageous people with great ideas and vision.  It has been an honour to work with many who have inspired and educated us.

You can find a number of references here on our Services page.

Expanding Cash Flow Services

Ten years on the need for our services continues and has grown. 

We have played an influential role in the development of a number of new products which provide working capital and cash flow support to our clients.

We pioneered the growth of supply chain finance in Australia and have added two exciting trade finance products to our portfolio.

Our passion and commitment is undiminished.  Everyday, we are excited by the opportunity to work with other business owners just like ourselves.