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Fund your business growth using a provider of working capital and cash flow

The right stuff

Now You Can Fund Your Growth, without Using Your Own Cash

If your ambition is to grow your business, it makes a lot of sense to use an external provider for the working capital and cash flow you’ll need.

Apart from the comfort of knowing funds are always available, it means you can keep your own cash in reserve for unforeseen expenses or to seize opportunities.

With all our facilities, you can choose when or how you use the money – whether it’s to start a new project; to import goods and equipment; to pay suppliers C.O.D in exchange for a discount or just pay debts.

There is no lock in contract and and the funding increases as your business grows.

Now you can stop worrying about the cash flow and focus on the main game – building your business and securing your future.


What You Get

  • No lock in contracts
  • Competitive rates
  • Quick & flexible setup
  • Tailored products
  • Short or long term options
  • Secured or unsecured options
  • Credit insurance


What It Means


  • Dependable cash flow
  • Funds for unexpected costs
  • Clout to negotiate better deals
  • The elimination of late payment risk
  • Capital for new projects
  • Save your own money
  • Less stress, fewer headaches

and more…..


Which  Working Capital And  Cash Flow Solution Works Best For You?

Invoice finance enables you to quickly inject working capital into your business

Invoice Finance

With invoice finance you can quickly inject working capital into your business.

Supply chain finance for businesses that require consisten cash flow

Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain finance – for growing companies in need of consistent cash flow.

Trade Finance allows you to pay your suppliers on time

Trade Finance

Pay suppliers on time and import goods using trade finance.

China Import finance makes buying goods in China much easier

China Import Finance

Unsecured funding created for importing from China, Hong Kong & Vietnam.

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Reduce Risk

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Moving Forward

Reduce Your Financial Risk



With personal assets at stake,  it’s wise to consider reducing your risk when borrowing for your business.

You can choose from one of our three effective products.

Many of our clients opt for credit insurance which provides cover if a customer doesn’t pay because of insolvency. If that’s relevant to you, its definitely worthwhile considering.

However, it is also possible to have your personal guarantees underwritten and obtain a performance bond for those times when it’s necessary to secure a project or funding for it.

Call us for a chat about your needs.

Credit insurance allows you to insure against non-payment by a customer.

It’s a wise choice if you bill significant amounts to a single customer whose failure could have catastrophic consequences for your business.

You’ll be covered for insolvency.  Your insurer will not underwrite fraud or losses caused by a dispute.

If you are one of our invoice finance clients,  credit insurance is recommended. In that instance, it is our company who owns the insurance policy.  However, you may insure a debtor separate to that.

Our supply chain finance clients are insured automatically.

Performance bonds (also called Surety Bonds)  guarantee that your contractual or financial obligations will be met by the bond provider if you fail or are unable to meet your commitments.

They are often used in construction where a sub-contractor might be asked to place a sizeable amount of money in trust as a guarantee that the job will be completed.  A performance bond ensures you don’t have to lock up working capital until the job is finished.

They can also be used when you borrow funds.  If you fail to make repayments, the financier can make a claim on the Bond.

Unlike personal guarantee insurance, the bond provider will have the right to seek reimbursement from you.

Bond guarantees require good credit and a good trading history.  The premium is a percentage of the bond amount.

Personal Guarantee Insurance is an annual insurance policy that protects a guarantor if a lender calls on a Personal Guarantee

The insurance can cover secured and unsecured loans.

In can include protection for multiple guarantees as well as historical/legacy guarantees.

Premiums are based on a fixed percentage of the insured amount and can be paid annually or monthly.

The maximum limit of cover for secured loans is $1,000.000.  Unsecured loans will be covered to a maximum of $750,000.

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Our Partnership

The Fifo Capital Connection

Our partner, Fifo Capital, is a leading provider of working capital and cash flow finance services to Australian businesses.

The company is independent of major banks and lending institutions and raises funds privately.

The owners of Single Invoice Finance have sourced funds from Fifo Capital for over a decade and operate one of 50 licensed offices around the country.

To date,  it has funded in excess of $1 billion of transactions to over 3000 trading clients.

Customer satisfaction  – as measured by the industry standard Net Promoter Score – consistently  sits at  60+%.

This is one of the highest scores given to a financier in Australia and New Zealand.


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